About us

Flexible Human Services has been active as a partner in international work placement for 19 years. In 2002, it began as a small, close-knit team and developed into a professional organisation that places roughly 2000 temporary employees into workplaces at more than 200 businesses each day. Our systems are innovative, we have well-founded expertise, and we work according to the highest standards. We know all the ins and outs of temporary work placement and secondment in the agricultural, logistics, production, food, and technical sectors.


Our philosophy has remained unchanged throughout the years. In addition to work, we provide our temporary employees a home with proper housing, assistance, safe transport, educational options, and insurance plans. As it turns out, this works well for the employee, the client, and the environment. It turns people into happier, more productive, and all-around better company.


We largely organise recruitment and selection in the native country, which allows us to guarantee a continuous selection of great, motivated people.


More than just staffing

We set ourselves apart through the way we work. We want to remain at the head of the pack when it comes to transparency in work practices and processes. To this end, we consistently conduct controls and audits, some of which are obligatory while others are at our own discretion. We also want to stay ahead in the development of our systems and the optimisation of our processes. In doing so, we can really excel in the complex material partnership with our clients through our knowledge and experience. In more concrete terms, this means taking work off your shoulders, doing what you do well, and complementing and enhancing each other in order to arrive at the best possible solutions for the long and short term.

Talent to… grow

Stimulating self-development is high on our priority list. In the context of self-development, the temporary worker is offered Dutch and English courses, and the possibility to follow courses.

FHS has an eye for talent: those who are good at their work and show potential, are given the space to grow. For example: an eployee from the production line grew into a team leader; a temporary worker in flower bulbs is now an office employee, and a cleaning lady is now intercedent. We invest in talent.

History of Flexible Human Services

Our experience and work method over the past 15 years is what determines our success, now and well into the future. Nico Geerlings is the founder of Flexible Human Services. Together with his brothers, he ran a family agricultural business. Confronted with a scarcity of talent on the Dutch labour market, he was one of the first to see the opportunities in bringing hard-working Polish people to the Netherlands and helping them find work here with various clients. This is how Flexible Human Services came into being in 2002. From the beginning, Flexible Human Services has dedicated its attention to people in sensitive circumstances. It was only natural for us to provide good conditions for our own in the areas of housing, assistance, education, insurance, and transport. However, Nico Geerlings also went out of his way to meet with governments, municipalities, and expert/ambassador teams to fight for international workers in general. In 2002, we began with about 70 employees and now, 19 years later, we are sending roughly 2000 people off to work each day. Healthy growth was and is necessary to continue guaranteeing the quality we provide now well into the future. We will grow big and strong, but we will always stay true to our roots.