Quality comes first

We are dedicated to our employees and clients. That means that safety and working according to the rules are very important to us. We are transparent, honest, and reliable in everything we do, so that we all know where we stand and do not run into any unpleasant surprises.


Of course, that means we meet the highest standards that apply to temporary employment agencies who collaborate with the international work force. In addition to the SNF certification mark for housing, we also meet the requirements of the Labour Standardisation Foundation (SNA – Stichting Normering Arbeid) and NEN 4400-1. We are proud to call ourselves a “Recognised Teaching Business” and we have a VCU certification for temporary work placement organisations.


Flexible Human Services and Flexwonen.nu not only conduct the required audits and controls, but we also regularly perform voluntary monitoring. In these cases, an independent organisation determines whether the rules established in the law or the collective agreement are being obeyed. We are a frontrunner when it comes to transparent work practices and processes and we plan on staying that way.