Employment agency

Flexible Human Services has been a partner in international employment services for more than 17 years. We ensure a long-term relationship between client and temporary worker that primarily benefits. As an employment agency, we are constantly recruiting new temporary workers, giving temporary workers a suitable workplace and providing our clients with personnel.

Recruitment of temporary employees

Before FHS can recruit the temporary worker at different companies, the right people must be recruited. It is difficult to find good, motivated and properly qualified people. That is why we have to push our limits to recruit the talent. In Poland we have our own employment agencies to recruit local people for work in the Netherlands. Temporary workers are also being recruited in other countries, such Romania and Bulgary. FHS has emerged towards being an international employment agency.

Deploy temporary workers at companies

In consultation with our customers, we determine which temporary workers they need for the work. If the temporary worker does not yet have the correct certificates or competencies, training and courses are offered by the employment agency. As an employment agency, we believe it is important to train our temporary workers where necessary, in order to place them in a suitable workplace. FHS always takes into account that the temporary worker and the company match. This provides the best work result and everyone benefits from it.

What can FHS do for you as an employment agency?

The deployment of flexible labor is the core of our company. This is what we started with. FHS facilitates where client and temporary worker meet. Do you need flexible workers within your company? Please contact us. FHS is happy to work for you to match the right temporary employees to your company.