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€150 (net) for each newly referenced colleague!

Are you an FHS employee and do you know someone who wants to work in the Netherlands?

If so, we’ll reward you with a €150 bonus for every new person you refer!

You can register your candidate directly via the P4F application and we will do the rest.

The condition for receiving the bonus is that the recommended person must start working for the FHS between 06.12.2021 and 10.01.2022 and must have worked for the FHS for a minimum of 10 weeks.

In order for us to cash out the bonus, you must still be an FHS employee at this time.

Up to € 200 net bonus for the Candidates!

We also have additional benefits for the new candidates:

New candidates will receive a €200 bonus and a guarantee of 36 working hours if they start work at FHS between 06 December 2021 and 10 January 2022 and work for at least 10 weeks.

Students receive a bonus of €100, a guarantee of 36 working hours and a 50% discount on the first week of accommodation if they start work between 06 December 2021 and 10 January 2022 and work for at least 2 weeks. 

Potential candidates should be submitted in writing through the =>     application

=> Talent to … Request =>Recommend a new Employee

Only people registered this way will be considered when awarding the bonus.

If you have any questions, please contact the recruitment department + 31 850-210505.

Terms and conditions:

– Bonus action for candidates – arrival between 06.12.21 and 10.01.22.

– Candidate has not worked at FHS after 1.10.2021.

– FHS is not obliged to offer a job to the recommended candidate. No correspondence will be entered into on the reason for refusal.

– The bonus scheme for candidates and applicants will cease to apply if the job offer is refused.

– The applicant is employed by FHS.

– The candidate nominated has not worked at FHS.

– The applicant can participate in this action several times.

– Office & staff members of FHS and are excluded from participating in this action.

– Students must send a student card/school document as confirmation.