Offering good housing is a basic need, because good housing is the basis of a motivated and happy worker. Housing for migrant workers is done by the sister company of Flexible Human Services, Flexwonen.nu.

Feel at home in the Netherlands

For all migrant workers, whether they stay for a short or longer period of time, it is very important to feel at home in the Netherlands quickly. Good housing is essential for this, because it is the founcation of happy, healthy and productive workers. Clear house rules and good management of the housing locations ensure that everyone can live together in a pleasant way.

Proper housing for all migrant workers

Since the start of his business, Nico Geerlings has worked hard to provide proper housing. Not only for his own employees from FHS, but for every worker. He finds it important to eliminate misunderstandings about migrants and wrongdoing in housing and employment agencies. He helped develop the SNF quality mark, which sets the standard in terms of living space, privacy, sanitation, safety and hygiene.

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