Housing for Flexible Human Services meets your basic needs. Good housing lays the foundation for a motivated employee. Housing for international workers is handled by the sister company of Flexible Human Services, Flexwonen.nu. 


Whether they are staying here for the short or long term, it is important to us that all international workers feel at home as quickly as possible. Good housing is essential for this because it contributes to happier, healthier, and more productive workers. Our clear house rules and proper management ensure that everyone gets along while living together in one environment. 


Since his organisation started, Nico Geerlings has worked hard on establishing reliable housing. He doesn’t just do this for his own employees, but also for every international worker that finds their way here, so that poor treatment and misunderstandings regarding international workers, housing, and exploitation can be eliminated. This has ultimately led to a good set of rules and agreements between municipalities, housing providers, and temporary employment agencies. One of these is the SNF certification mark, which sets standards in the areas of space, privacy, sanitation, safety, and hygiene. 

 More about housing at www.flexwonen.nu