Job offers in the Netherlands

Flexible Human Services is at home in international employment services. We  organize recruitment and selection in the home country, which means we can guarantee a continuous supply of good and motivated people. Through close cooperation with our clients, we often receive new vacancies to find the right people for this. This is where we need you!

Vacancies in different industries

Through Flexible Human Services, many temporary workers are active daily in various branches, such as the agricultural branch, logistics, technology and food industry. FHS has now become one of the larger partners in international employment services. We have established a relationship of trust with our clients in the various sectors. The clients approach FHS as soon as they have a new vacancy open. Based on this, FHS links the best temporary workers to the client in order to deliver the best possible result.

Working in Dutch horticulture

One of the largest and most important branches in the Netherlands is horticulture. Horticulture continues to grow and is now the largest export product in the Netherlands. In the open field horticulture, horticultural crops are mainly grown outdoors. This mainly includes vegetables and cut flowers, but can also include tree growing, fruit growing and flower bulb growing. In addition, there is also greenhouse horticulture. In greenhouse horticulture, crops are grown in a greenhouse. This mainly concerns the cultivation of vegetables, cut flowers and pot plants. Due to our good cooperation with clients in Dutch horticulture, we often have new vacancies on our website in horticulture, greenhouse horticulture and ornamental horticulture.

Suitable jobs in the Netherlands for you

We provide the right work for you in the right place. This can be in logistics, technology, food industry or horticulture. Working at Flexible Human Services means that everything around the work is properly arranged. On arrival in the Netherlands and afterwards you will be guided as well as possible by our employees. Flexible Human Services also attaches great value to good housing. This contributes to the motivation and productivity of temporary workers.

FHS vacancies to work in the Netherlands

Looking for suitable work in the Netherlands? Flexible Human Services helps you to find suitable work. Work that meets the requirements of the client and your competences. View our job offers and apply now!