Flexible Human Services has grown into one of the larger partners in international work placement services and has managed to stay true to its philosophy from the beginning. With our social spirit and innovative, sustainable work methods, we are active in various sectors. We provide more than just staff: that is our strength and what really separates us from the pack. Our extensive knowledge and experience as well as our entrepreneurial spirit allow us to recognise many issues and enable us to come up with effective solutions for them. 




Our employees that work in the logistics sector occupy in a variety of positions: from order pickers and forklift drivers to distribution staff and foremen.


Food industry

Via Flexible Human Services, many employees are active in the meat, fish, and produce processing industries, while others work in bakeries and patisseries. Due to the years of knowledge and experience we have accumulated, this sector has developed into something of a speciality for us.


Agricultural sector

This is where Flexible Human Services has its roots and it is an area in which we continue to grow and gain experience. Our employees work with a wide variety of clients, businesses, and nurseries that handle flowers, plants, bulbs, produce, and fruit and can be placed to perform a large number of processes.



The employees at Flexible Human Services are jacks of all trades, who can work as production staff in various processes at a wide range of businesses.



In the technical sector, there is significant demand for educated and properly qualified personnel. Flexible Human Services provides technical staff and, if necessary, the necessary training programmes as well.