Working with us

Working with us

Working with Flexible Human Services means making the decision to work hard and be flexible. This is all we ask of you. We provide you with the right work in the right place. Most importantly, working with Flexible Human Services means that everything involving the work is properly arranged. We are talking about our housing—which always meets the highest standards—as well as assistance, education, insurance, and transport. If all these things have been properly arranged for you, then you can feel like you are at home here—and when you feel at home, you are able to be at your best. For years, we have been successfully placing employees into positions in areas like the technical sector, food industry, logistics, production, and agriculture.



Good housing is essential to feeling like you are at home here. It lays the foundation for your happiness, motivation, and productivity. We take care of it for you. Housing for employees is handled by the sister company of Flexible Human Services, Our housing always meets the requirements of the SNF certification mark. The SNF monitors housing for international workers in terms of living space and facilities.



Once you arrive in the Netherlands, our employees will assist you as best they can. You will receive complete instructions and receive an information package: we handle your insurance and always place good transportation at your disposal. If necessary, we will assist you with doctor and dental visits.



Training and education are essential for employee development. Development means progress. We consider this to be very important, because development also encourages integration and long-term, productive collaboration. In addition to language courses, we offer training programmes that contribute to your development and to satisfying the required qualifications. When working in the technical sector, we ensure that you know the basic principles of Working Safely (VCA).



Flexible Human Services has a highly active Staff Association, which organises a number of set activities for employees each year, such as an annual outing, the Sinterklaasfeest, and access passes for the Keukenhof. You can also count on some nice, extra attention around Christmas and your birthday each year.


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