Working in horticulture

The origin of Flexible Human Services lies in the agricultural sector or horticulture. Flexible Human Services is big in these sectors. Due to our many years of experience and the cooperation with companies in Dutch horticulture, we offer various workplace here.

Horticulture in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is very modest about its own agriculture and horticulture, but the Netherlands is now the largest export producer of horticulture and the sector continues to grow. There are different types of horticulture, namely open ground horticulture and greenhouse horticulture. In open field horticulture, horticultural crops are mainly grown outdoors, such as vegetables and cut flowers, but also tree, fruit and flower bulb cultivation. In addition, there is also greenhouse horticulture. In greenhouse horticulture, crops are grown in a greenhouse. This mainly concerns the cultivation of vegetables, cut flowers and pot plants.

Working in horticulture

Within the horticulture sector, our employees work for a wide variety of clients, companies and nurseries of flowers, plants, bulbs, fruit and vegetables. The activities within this sector vary greatly, due to the different types of processes at each client.

Vacancies in horticulture of FHS

FHS works closely with various clients and companies in Dutch horticulture. As a result, we often have work and new vacancies available on our website in the agricultural sector, or horticulture. Are you looking for a suitable workplace to work in Dutch horticulture? View our vacancy page or contact us if you have any questions.