Working in the Netherlands

The employment in the Netherlands has grown largely in recent years. That is why a lot of work is available in the Netherlands for flexible workers from abroad. Flexible Human Services is the employment agency for placing the right temporary worker with the apporiate company.

Working in different sectors in the Netherlands

Currently, Flexible Human Service is one of the largest partners in international employment services and we have built a strong relationship with our clients. With our innovative and sustainable working method we are active in various sectors, such as the agricultural sector, logistics, technology and food industry.

Varied work in the Netherlands

Because work is available in all kinds of sectors, the work at the clients of FHS is very varied. The work of our temporary employees varies from order picker to production employee, distribution employee and foreman. When selecting temporary workers for work in the Netherlands, we take the competencies, interests and motivation into account.

Housing in the Netherlands

Providing our temporary workers with accommodation is essential for Flexible Human Services. We see this as fulfilling a basic need. Good housing is the basis for a motivated workforce. As labor migrants are in the Netherlands for a long or short period of time, it is important that they feel at home here. Feeling at home in the Netherlands contributes to a happier, healthier and more productive worker.

Finding suitable workers through Flexible Human Services

Our broad knowledge, experience and entrepreneurship ensure that we always think along with our clients and temporary employees in order to arrive at the best solution and workplace. Are you looking for a suitable workplace to work in the Netherlands? View our vacancy page or contact us if you have any questions.