Business partner

Flexible Human Services invests in relationships. We offer solutions for the long, mid, and short term in the forms of temporary employment en secondment in various sectors. We have been noticing an increase in the need for employment contracts with clients for the long term, but also the desire to avoid being confronted with complicated legislation and regulations and unexpected financial consequences. We make a long-term relationship between the client and the temporary employee possible and we make it one that benefits all parties.


Temporary employment

The temporary employment of a flexible work force is the heart of our business. Flexible Human Services helps clients and temporary employees join forces. We zero in on the specific needs of the client and we provide motivated staff with the right skills and qualifications for the position at hand. We primarily work with young, talented people, who are eager to invest in their own success through training and educational programmes.



This is a form of temporary employment that involves pre-determined work hours and an end date. It provides a good solution when the client is looking for long-term staff or personnel with specific knowledge and skills. How you choose to implement the employee’s talents is up to you. Legal liability as well as any responsibility for housing and assistance in situations such as illness lie with Flexible Human Services.



It is becoming increasingly hard to find good, motivated, and properly qualified people, so we have had to think outside of the box when recruiting talent. The world of staff recruitment is changing rapidly. There are countless new options and, together with our clients, we determine the right way to continue looking forward and recruiting sustainably.  That is how you find the right match. Not everyone is cut out for every kind of work and not all employees have the competences requested. It is important to listen closely to our client while respecting our employee. This is what will most likely benefit us all in the end.