7 certainties of FHS


Minimum of 36 hours, guaranteed!

We offer you a minimum work-hour guarantee of 36 hours per week. This means if we cannot offer you work, you will still be paid 36 hours! This is based on an average of a period (4 weeks). In other words, it is calculated whether you have been offered at least 144 hours of work in a 4-week period. If this is not the case, we will supplement these hours with guarantee hours. However, if you refuse offered work yourself, you are not entitled to the work-hour guarantee in that period.


Free transportation to work

We will arrange transportation for you from home to work and back. We do not charge for this! The transport consists of a bicycle, electric bicycle, car, bus or coach. There is even money to be made if you are employed as a driver, with this you can earn up to €100 net extra per week. On our online application form you can indicate that you are available as a driver. You can of course also choose to use your own car, these costs are for your own account.


Permanent contract

We want to be a good employer and retain good employees! That is why we offer you a contract for an indefinite period of time after only 52 worked weeks, if both parties are fully satisfied. Some agencies in the Netherlands tend to end the contract with their flex workers after six months or after two years at the latest. They do this because otherwise there would be higher costs for them.' We do NOT do this! We want to retain good and motivated employees and are therefore happy to extend your contract. That is why we are happy to offer you a permanent contract after 52 weeks of work!


Health Insurance

We can arrange health insurance in the Netherlands with the best conditions for you. No 'Eigen Risico' applies here.
This health insurance in combination with a membership of the Personnel Association (PV) provides a number of important benefits for you:

  • You pay no Eigen Risico (of EUR 385)
  • Reimbursement for emergency dental care.
  • Labor-related physical therapy
  • Applying for Health Care Supplement for you - free!

Want more information about how healthcare works in the Netherlands? You can find that in our knowledge base.

In doing so, you are also an automatic member of the Staff Association FHS (PV). You have emergency dental care and repatriation in case of death. The PV also organizes events and various gifts for employees.


Certified housing

Good housing is expensive and scarce in the Netherlands. Together with our housing partner Flexwonen.nu we always do our utmost to find the best housing for the best possible price. Our housing is not the cheapest in the Netherlands, but it is of good quality. Always SNF-certified. Flexwonen.nu also has self-contained apartments for rent for when you want to live privately. Want to know more about the housing of Flexwonen.nu? Check the page of our partner Flexwonen.nu.


Free social guidance

Healthcare in the Netherlands works very differently from what you may be used to in your home country. Our social guidance team can show you around the healthcare system in the Netherlands. They can also help you make an appointment with the doctor, the hospital and other health care providers. They also offer a listening ear and can help you with other matters. During office hours, you can make appointments for their help. If required, they can translate during meetings with doctors and take you to appointments when they are available. They are also available 24 hours a day for when you need urgent medical assistance. We do this as an extra service for you and do not charge anything for the help of Social Guidance.


Talent Academy

We encourage talent to flourish and like to invest in your personal development. Therefore we offer you the opportunity to learn Dutch or English easily via an online platform, which will help you in your work or daily life in the Netherlands. In addition, there are opportunities to obtain certificates for forklift, VCA, and EPT, among others. We are ready to support you in your growth path. This way we hope to become stronger together!