Flexible Human Services has become one of the larger professional partners in staffing and works with more than 200 companies. We are active and experienced in various industries. Because of our broad knowledge and experience and our entrepreneurship, we recognize many issues and can think along in solutions.

Below you can find more information in which industries we operate, among others:


In the technical sector, skilled and qualified professionals are in high demand. At Flexible Human Services , we understand the challenges candidates face in finding suitable employment. That's why we have an extensive network of companies in need of technical employees. We go beyond just finding work for you. We understand that every technical position has its own specific requirements. That's why we also offer various training and courses,... Read more


At Flexible Human Services , we understand that you are looking for a stable job where you can utilize your skills and gain new experiences. That's why we have a wide range of opportunities available at manufacturing companies, taking into account your needs and work experience. We cooperate with many companies in various sectors and offer you the chance to be part of their production processes. Whether temporary projects, seasonal work or daily... Read more


At Flexible Human Services , we have a talented pool of employees who work at companies in a variety of industries. One of these is the agricultural sector. We offer work in the flower, bulb, plant, vegetable and fruit sectors. Our employees are employable in a variety of areas within the agricultural sector. Whether you are interested in growing, harvesting, packaging or distributing agricultural products, we have opportunities to match your skills and interests. At Flexible Human Services , we understand the... Read more

Food industry

At Flexible Human Services , we understand the unique needs and challenges of the food industry. Our years of accumulated knowledge and experience have given us a specialty in this sector. Therefore, we are able to offer you interesting opportunities to be involved in the processing of, for example, meat, fish, salads and baking of bread and pastries. But even French fries, cheese and the Dutch Bitterbal are manufactured. Our employees are well trained and have the necessary skills to... Read more


In the logistics sector, there is plenty of demand for qualified and motivated employees. At Flexible Human Services , we understand the diversity of positions within this sector. Therefore, we offer a wide range of opportunities so that you can work in the position that best suits your skills and interests. Whether you have experience as an order picker and are familiar with picking and packing goods, or as a forklift driver responsible for transporting materials efficiently,... Read more