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Welcome to Flexible Human Services, the ideal partner for your (staffing) business. With our dedicated team, we strive to fully unburden employees and clients so they can thrive.

Flexible Human Services is a leading employment agency that focuses primarily on international employees from the European Economic Area (EEA). Our employees are posted to various companies and sectors throughout much of the Netherlands, including logistics, manufacturing, engineering, food industry and the agricultural sector.

The origins of Flexible Human Services are rooted in the agricultural sector. Nico Geerlings, the founder of Flexible Human Services, ran an agricultural family business with his brothers. Faced with scarcity in the Dutch labor market, he was one of the first to see the possibility of bringing hard-working Polish people to the Netherlands and offering them employment with various clients. This is how Flexible Human Services came into being in 2002.

From the beginning, Flexible Human Services has always prioritized concern for people's well-being. We provide good housing, guidance, training, insurance and transportation for our own employees. In addition, Nico Geerlings has been active in representing the interests of migrant workers with governments, municipalities and other relevant agencies.

In 2002 we started with about 70 employees and have since grown into an organization with about 2,000 employees daily. Healthy growth was and is necessary to ensure the quality we now offer. We have grown and grown big, but have always remained true to our foundation. We work with and for people, and we never lose sight of that.

Talent to... Grow

Talent to... Grow; is high on our list of priorities. We encourage self-development, because we believe that people want to grow and work is essential for that. We offer employees the opportunity to take Dutch and English courses and encourage them to take training courses. Moreover, we have an eye for talent. If someone does a good job and shows potential, we give that person room to grow. This is how employees have been able to develop from the production line to team leaders, from temporary workers in the flower bulb sector to office workers, and from cleaners to intermediaries. We like to invest in talent!

At Flexible Human Services we pool our knowledge and experience in a joint back office. Our team consists of specialists in the fields of administrative and personnel matters, healthcare, quality, regulations, communication and cao's. This enables us to always offer the best solutions, for the short and the long term. We continuously optimize our (automated) processes. We know the capabilities and needs of candidates, as well as the requirements of clients to achieve their goals. This expertise forms the basis of our work, and the drive to do better is our strength. Together we are stronger.

Our promise to candidates and clients


We are very committed to finding a suitable job for you. We arrange all related matters quickly and efficiently so that you feel at home right away. We encourage you to further develop your talents. With us, talent development is central. Together we grow.

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We help you achieve your business goals by employing flexible and motivated employees. We arrange everything smoothly and efficiently, from housing and transportation to training and insurance. Easy and worry-free. We are your partner in business, personal, expert, innovative and transparent. We are experienced professionals who think with you.

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At Flexible Human Services , we always put quality first. The well-being of our employees is of paramount importance to us. Safety and adherence to rules are our focus. We strive for transparency, honesty and reliability, so that we know what we have on each other and there are no surprises. This is why we have a number of important certifications. Read more about them on this page.

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Karolina Intercedent at Flexible Human Services I have developed several talents at Flexible Human Services and one of the most important is people skills.