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'VVSB is a club after my own heart'

Noordwijkerhout - grown and grown tall, but always remained at home. It's Nico Geerlings all over. That's why VVSB suits him so well. They resemble each other: the entrepreneur and the soccer club. The growth of his company FHS was synchronized with the rise of VVSB in amateur soccer. Grown through hard work, but always with both feet on Noordwijkerhout ground.

His experience and way of working over the past 19 years determines the success of FHS, now and in the future. Nico Geerlings is the founder of Flexible Human Services. Together with his brothers he ran the agricultural family business. Faced with scarcity in the Dutch labor market, he was one of the first to see an opportunity to bring hard-working Polish people to the Netherlands and help them find work with various clients. This is how Flexible Human Services came into being in 2002. From the beginning, Flexible Human Services cared about vulnerable people. As a matter of course, they provided good conditions in terms of work, housing, guidance, training, insurance and transport for their own people. But Nico Geerlings also made sure to sit at the table with municipalities, governments and industry-related consultative structures to stand up for migrant workers in general. In 2002 FHS started with about 70 employees and after 19 years the company has grown into a business employing about 2,000 people daily. Healthy growth was and is necessary to be able to guarantee in the future the quality one offers now,

It was pretty much the same for VVSB . Within the said period VVSB climbed from modest village club to a well-known amateur club. The highlight, of course, was reaching the semi-finals of the KNVB Cup, exactly five years ago. Nico, born and raised in Noordwijkerhou, has always supported VVSB with his company, both as a supporter and certainly also as a sponsor. Slowly he dares to hand over the daily management within his company to, among others, his daughter Nathalie, although he will never really stop working completely. "No ya, I still enjoy it way too much! Working with young and talented people keeps me young. But it is good that Nathalie will be in charge of the day-to-day management at FHS, along with a young and dynamic management team. She is ready to keep FHS ahead of the music," said Nico. Nathalie: "I am proud of the company that my father built up in a relatively short time. FHS wants to be so much more than just a employment agency .

We want to take care out of your hands, do what we are good at, share it with others and let everyone within FHS complement and strengthen each other to achieve optimal solutions for the long and short term. That is what I am going to work hard for in the coming years together with our team within FHS."

A smile appears on Nico's face as we talk about the special cup adventure of "his" VVSB. "The quarterfinal against Den Bosch and the semi-final in the Galgenwaard against FC Utrecht are etched in my memory. But do you know what I secretly find most beautiful? Standing on the sidelines at sports park de Boekhorst during a training session or a match of my youngest son Jesse! When I see what fun the youth of Noordwijkerhout have playing soccer, I can't beat a cup success! Of course, in that period all the experience of the players and the knowledge within VVSB came together as far as I am concerned. Just like in my company actually: core values such as talent development, team spirit, solidarity and being there for others are also of paramount importance within FHS . I am in favor of that VVSB as well and that is why I recently renewed my sponsorship contract with VVSB with pleasure, VVSB is a club after my own heart."

At FHS we always have an eye for talent: those who want to grow can really grow within our company! VVSB has the same aim: to give talented footballers, preferably from Noordwijkerhout, room to grow to a certain level. That is what we want to work hard for together. With Peet van der Slot, Wout Heemskerk and Tijs Knapp there are again a few real Noordwijkerhout boys in the selection. Hopefully in time more young talents can join the Sunday squad. I would certainly welcome it," Growing and growing up, but

and on the beautiful and renovated sports park de Boekhorst. Nico and Nathalie Geerlings gladly put their signatures to it.

Text and image from the 2021/2022 presentation magazine of VVSB