Flexible Human Services launches all-new website

We are proud to announce today the official launch of our all-new website for Flexible Human Services, the leading employment agency dedicated to connecting candidates from the European Economic Area (EEA) with dynamic employers across a variety of industries. With the rapidly changing market and increasing demand for flexible workers, it was time for a thorough revamp of our online presence.

The world of job placement has evolved significantly in recent years. Finding the right candidates for the right positions has become a challenge that requires a modern and user-friendly approach. With our new website, we are succeeding even better in meeting the needs of both our clients and candidates. Therefore, we have invested in a complete redesign and today we are launching our new website.

What are the main features of our new website?

Focus on candidates
We redesigned our website with candidates in mind. Job seekers can now more easily find jobs that match their skills and desires.

Improved usability
Our website is now more intuitive and easier to navigate, allowing visitors to effortlessly access the information they need.

Responsive design
Our new website is optimized for mobile devices. We took into account that more than 70% of traffic to the website comes from a mobile device.

Information about the Netherlands
We have also created a knowledge base about living and working in the Netherlands, covering topics such as health care, traffic, language and integration. This allows everyone to read up on living and working in the Netherlands.

Optimized application process
Registering through the new website is very easy; only name, phone number and e-mail address are required. Candidates then receive an e-mail in their own language with information and a link to their personal application form. This form has also been completely redesigned, made more user-friendly and clearer.

Better information
Throughout the process, from signing up to while someone is on the job, we offer information in phases. This is done mostly through emails and messages sent to candidates and workers. This allows workers to come to the Netherlands well prepared and receive important information at the right times.

We promise to be extremely committed to helping candidates find a suitable job and also arrange related matters smoothly and well, anything to make someone feel at home quickly. We encourage talents to develop further. Talent to grow, we call it. This is how we grow together.

Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to thank our valued associates and employees for their continued support and confidence in Flexible Human Services. Together we will continue to grow and create opportunities in the ever-changing world of work.

Curious about the entire website? Click here to go to the homepage!