Hooray! FHS 20 years!

Talent to .... Celebrate your 20th anniversary
Today marks exactly 20 years since Flexible Human Services was founded.
Today Flexible Human Service celebrates its 20th anniversary exactly. This morning all office employees were surprised with a festive welcome and we raised a toast!🥂The entire day will be festive, with delicious culinary surprises.
After twenty years that have flown by, Flexible Human Services has grown into a professional employment agency for migrant workers. It now has all disciplines in-house and is one of the larger employers in the Dune and Bollenstreek. Flexible Human Services provides work for more than 2,000 temporary workers.
"I am super proud of where Flexible Human Services is today and of our inspired team that has achieved this." Says Nico Geerlings, founder and owner of the company.
Started February 28, 2002 in Noordwijkerhout. "In the beginning, we had a group of 70 Polish temporary workers working for us. We arranged everything ourselves.
Planning, payroll, transportation, housing to social support. Housing and transportation has for many years been handled by a separate specialized company, Flexwonen.nu.
For all other disciplines, we have all kinds of departments, such as planning, recruitment, Social Guidance and payroll that employ specialists. A total of 75 FTEs. A nice thing to tell is, that a whole number of these very first temps are still working with us today. They hold all kinds of positions, such as social supervisor, team leader in planning or in the finance department. In addition, we also have quite a few talents who have progressed to become intercedents'.
We have also proven to be a steady supplier and reliable partner in terms of customers. In these 20 years we have lost almost no customers, but have gained about 100." Says Geerlings.
A wonderful attached video shows our Flexible Human Services- timeline of appointment-worthy moments from the past 20 years.
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