'Migrant workers are not cheaper'

Migrant workers are not cheaper than Dutch workers. "That is often suggested, but that is not the case," says temp boss Nico Geerlings in Stand van Nederland. "The Dutch employer determines what someone should earn. "One of the companies for which Geerlings is looking employees is Patrick Hogenboom's plant nursery. This potted plant nursery works primarily with migrant workers. "We have a lot of manual work. There are no motivated workers to be found among the Dutch for that," says Hogenboom.

'Doctor won't pick tomatoes'

Geerlings understands well that many people don't want to do the work. "The Dutch probably have a different education than the work we have. I can well imagine that if you studied medicine, you are not going to pick tomatoes. Whether that's right or wrong I'll leave in the middle. It is, however, the fact that we are stuck with."

Hoogenboom also emphasizes that it is not cheaper for him to work with migrant workers. "We have to pay the same as to a Dutchman on the shop floor. There is no difference in that."

Migrant workers indispensable

For Hoogenbooms company, the migrant workers are indispensable. "Without them, part of the business would be lost. I personally wouldn't want to miss them either, but other than that, we cannot function in horticulture without the foreign temporary workers."

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source: https://wnl.tv/