Share My Voice

Flexible Human Services proud partner of Share My Voice an initiative of the Knowledge Center Labor Migrants. With the Share My Voice campaign we want to create a more positive image of labor migrants in the Netherlands. Periodic research is conducted among the labor migrants. This time the survey is about the wishes and possibilities of migrant workers in terms of training and education and their future plans and ambitions in the Netherlands. We would like to find out what wishes and ambitions labor migrants have when it comes to working, and how companies and governments can respond to this in order to bind and retain labor migrants. The survey was also distributed to our employees, because we think it is important that their voices are heard as well!

What does Share My Voice entail?

The Netherlands cannot do without migrant workers. There are hundreds of thousands of migrant workers from all over the world working in the Netherlands and many companies desperately need them. Yet many Dutch people know little about migrant workers and there is a lot of ignorance. There is also a lot of talk about migrant workers, but hardly any with migrant workers. That is why Share My Voice wants to let the voice of the immigrant worker himself be heard by conducting short surveys among immigrant workers.

What do migrant workers think about the Netherlands?

Migrant workers are of great importance to the Netherlands. But their opinions, feelings and experiences are hardly listened to. As a result, the voice of the migrant worker is not heard. That is why Share My Voice was founded. Share My Voice is an independent research panel of and for immigrant workers. Via Share My Voice, short surveys are conducted to let the voices of migrant workers themselves be heard, so that we can help companies and governments with new knowledge and better decisions.

Share your opinion too!

For our latest research we also need your help, so take part in this short survey and make your voice heard too! The survey is about training and education at work and your future plans, in the Netherlands or abroad. Share your opinions and experiences and get involved!

Help improve the working and living conditions of migrant workers and make your voice heard at!

Independent research

Share My Voice is commissioned by The Knowledge Center Labor Migrants: an independent foundation aimed at developing and collecting knowledge about labor migrants. All kinds of surveys are conducted among labor migrants, for example about working conditions, housing, integration, ambitions and future perspectives. With this we want to better inform citizens, companies, governments and other parties about labor migrants. This will give them more knowledge, enabling them to better bind, fascinate and retain labor migrants and make better decisions. Think for example about other, cheaper forms of housing, more development opportunities at work and a better image among Dutch citizens.