Share My Voice: let yourself be heard

Recently Flexible Human Services joined this initiative to contribute to a more positive image of migrant workers in the Netherlands. The Netherlands cannot do without migrant workers. Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world work in our country to keep the economy running. Companies from various sectors, from logistics to ICT, rely on these valuable workers. Yet many Dutch people still know little about migrant workers and there is a lot of ignorance. Moreover, people mainly talk about migrant workers but hardly ever with migrant workers. Therefore, the Knowledge Center for Migrant Workers launched the independent research panel #sharemyvoice to let the voices of immigrant workers be heard.


What do migrant workers think about the Netherlands?

Migrant workers are of great importance to the Netherlands. But their opinions, feelings and experiences are hardly listened to. As a result, the voice of the migrant worker is not heard. That is why Share My Voice was founded. Share My Voice is an independent research panel consisting entirely of immigrant workers. It is a panel of and for immigrant workers. Short surveys are conducted among panel members to give the perspective of migrant workers. This way we can help companies and governments with new knowledge and make better decisions.


Share your opinion too!

For our latest survey, we also need your help. Let us know what you think is important, share your experiences and give your opinion on all kinds of current topics that are important to you, your family, friends and colleagues. This time the survey is about health care, training and education and future prospects. Participate and speak out on topics that are important to you.


Independent research

Share My Voice is commissioned by The Knowledge Center Labor Migrants: an independent foundation aimed at developing and collecting knowledge about labor migrants. Research is conducted periodically among panel members about, among other things, working conditions, housing, integration, ambitions and future perspectives. With this we want to better inform citizens, companies, governments and other parties about labor migrants. This gives them more knowledge and therefore they can make better decisions. Think for example about other, cheaper forms of housing, more development opportunities at work and a better image among Dutch citizens.


Help improve the housing, working and living conditions of immigrant workers and make your voice heard at!