Festive anniversary relationship day

Flexible Human Services celebrated its 15-year anniversary with customers and associates. As thanks for the cooperation and years of trust, an active and above all fun day was organized. With an afternoon program full of activities, followed by an anniversary reception.

All this took place on and around the special and atmospheric location of Landgoed Tespelduyn in Noordwijkerhout. Where the sun also shone abundantly all day.

The activity program offered something for everyone with the choice of a 9-hole golf match, an educational and surprising bocce clinic or a nostalgic ride through the area on the Solex. The fun could be read from all the faces. During the jubilee get-together, in addition to socializing, delicious food and drink, there was also a moment to reflect on the 15th anniversary, what has been achieved and what the future may bring. The one-time anniversary edition 'Nico' was also proudly presented.

A beautiful day to look back on filled with wonderful memories!