Sunny and atmospheric FHS summerfestival

Last Sunday, Sept. 17, the employees of Flexible Human Services celebrated the company's 15th anniversary with each other at Kijkduin beach. The sun was shining, there was more than enough food and drinks and several fun activities. "It was a wonderful afternoon for our family, we participated in all kinds of activities and had so much fun," said Magdalena Cichos. "It really makes me feel, that my contribution matters. Very special."

In those 15 years, Flexible Human Services has grown from about 70 to about 1,800 employees working daily for various clients. With people who have been there for those 15 years, but also with new people joining every week. All came to the Netherlands with the same goal. To work hard and earn money. To do this, they leave their home in their homeland behind for shorter or longer periods of time. Then it is important that you also feel at home here. As an employer, you certainly have an important role in this, Flexible Human Services. That means you have to arrange things well for your employees. In the area of work, but certainly also outside of it.

That includes celebrating together. Together with all the employees, together with your partner and your family. To make you feel that you are at home here too, and that we appreciate that you are here to work so hard. That has worked out. Magdalena had a great afternoon with her colleagues and her family. "What a surprise that we had such delicious up and coming Polish food, enjoy! And everything there was to do, so much fun. The magician, our little girl full of beautiful glitter tatoos, the singing hairdressers, kite flying and of course the photo booth. This way we also have a lasting memory of this wonderful day. I am happy to be part of the FHS-family."