All temps to the app

The vast majority of Flexible Human Services 's temporary workers now use the dedicated app to access work schedules, timesheets and documents. The initial findings are very positive. All information is clearly available together and can be consulted at any time.

My schedule

We communicate the work schedule of our temporary workers via e-mail and text message. This way, everyone is informed well and on time from what time and where they are expected the next day. The temporary worker can now also view this schedule via the app. They can even look ahead to the work schedule of the following days as well, provided it is final. The app also includes the exact location determination of the work address and thus the route to it is available.

My overview

After the end of the week worked, we process the temporary workers' hours worked in our system on the following Monday and Tuesday. The temps can see this back in the app.

My Documents

In the app, temporary workers can also view and review required documents, such as:

  • contracts
  • paychecks
  • customer regulations

When necessary, documents through the app can also be signed digitally by temporary workers.

My correspondence

Here we can reach the temps and they can reach us, with a similar function to whatsapp by group:

  • Planning: for questions about work planning
  • Flex living: for questions related to housing
  • Human Resources: for all questions about hours, salary and other matters