Flexible Human Services is the best possible partner in the (staffing) business. With an inspired team, we work together to unburden employees and clients so they can thrive.

We help realize business goals. We do this through the use of flexible and motivated employees. We arrange everything smoothly and well. From housing and transportation to training and insurance.
Carefree and easy. We are partners in business. Personal, expert, innovative and pleasantly transparent. Experienced professionals who think along with you.

We invest in relationships. We offer long, medium and short term solutions in the form of staffing in various sectors. Flexible Human Services facilitates where client and demand for international workers meet. We respond to your specific demand and we deliver motivated employees with the right capabilities and qualifications for the requested position. We usually work with talented people who want to invest in themselves through training and education.

We feel committed to our employees and our clients. Safety and working according to the rules are therefore very important. Transparent, honest and reliable. So that we know what we can expect from each other and there are no surprises. Of course we comply with the highest standards applicable to employment agencies. In addition, we have been a member of the ABU since 2018. We are a forerunner in transparency of working methods and processes, where quality always comes first!

Our certifications


SNA or NEN4400-1



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