How to create a CV correctly?

The description of your work experience and education does not have to be very extensive. It is important to include the most important information from the employer’s point of view.

Our recruiters need to know what your skills and strengths are and how to contact you. Below you will find some guidelines.


In  few steps:

  • Write your CV based on our guidelines;
  • Familiarize yourself with our job offers;
  • Apply to one of the job offers listed on our site;
  • Send your CV to;
  • Wait for a contact from our side;

Point 1

Personal data

Name and surname, date of birth, address, current phone number, e-mail address.


Point 2


Include a short summаry of your educational level.


Point 3

Working Experience

Here you need to include occupation, duration of employment and employer.  It’s useful to include information about your  responsibilities and duties for the particular occupation.


Point 4

Foreign languages

Make sure to to include which languages you speak and at what level.


Point 5

Additional qualifications

Do you have a completed course? Do not forget to mention it, it’s an additional asset! If you have a driving license, forklift certificate or any other, make sure to include it as additional information.


Point 6


It’s always good to write  few words about yourself – what are your hobbies or what you like doing in your free time