The answers to the five most frequently asked questions from temporary workers

Trying to find work abroad is a tough task that can cost a lot of time. Therefore we would love to help you find your job. On a daily basis, we are in contact with potential candidates who have some questions about working in the Netherlands en the mode of operation of FHS. In every conversation, the same questions are asked. Here are the most commonly asked questions en the answers tot hem.

What do I have to do to work at FHS?
At FHS we are always looking for motivated, hard workers. To work at FHS, you should register yourself on our website, at Job offers. To apply for a job, you have to fill in your personal information, your contact details, education, language skills and resume. When you have applied through our website, we will contact you as soon as possible.

When do I get my salary?
With the job you do, you earn a salary. There are divers ways companies can choose to pay employees their salary. At FHS we choose to pay your salary weekly, in the first 26 weeks.

What does the housing look like?
Because FHS is an international employment office, we also offer housing. Proper housing is the basis for a content worker. Our housing offers rooms for 2 or 3 persons and meets the criteria to earn the SNF-quality mark.

Is it legal to work at FHS?
As an international, it may be hard to find a job abroad. However, at FHS, the work you do is entirely legal. Flexible Human Services is a member of the ABU (General Union of Temporary Employment Agencies) and has the ABU-quality mark, which means FHS meets the highest criteria.

Does FHS offer transportation to and from work?
Yes, FHS also offers transportation to your job. For example by bike (with a maximum of 10 kilometers) or by car. Workers who drive other workers to work, get an extra bonus.

Apply now!
Now that we’ve answered your questions, you can apply for your new job through our Job Offers. If you have any other questions, you can of course always contact us.