Flexible Human Services looks ahead!

A new year means a fresh start for many people. Especially in view of last year. Many people like to draw a fat line through 2020 and are ready for new beginnings! With that comes good resolutions, of course. Any day can be your January 1. You don't necessarily have to wait for a new year or a specific date, you can do just fine NOW! start making good plans.

Specific, Realistic, Measurable, Acceptable and Time-bound A good intention (business or personal) works well for the longer term. This is also true for any other goal: Be specific and realistic; make the goal measurable, acceptable and time-bound. If you can determine if a goal is realistic, you will then need to make that goal specific. This makes it a lot clearer what you actually have to do to achieve it. Specific goals are also more motivating and attainable than vague goals.

In the following video, you can see what good intentions different employees within Flexible Human Services have.

Hopefully you will be inspired. Of course, FHS also challenges other companies to state their good intentions for 2021.