Flexible Human Services Signs sponsorship deal with The Bassets, helping the Animal Farm

Last week Flexible Human Services signed a sponsorship deal with Rugby Club The Bassets.

The contact has been good over the years and once again a future-proof agreement was signed.

"We are a social company and also like to give something back to society, including for care and petting farm the Dierenhoeve in Noordwijkerhout. The Animal Farm needs a few strong hands and Rugby Club The Bassets has them. Together with a number of men we will do some odd jobs like paving, putting up a wooden wall and spreading the manure heap. We are pleased that we can help each other in this way and also mean something for the Animal Farm," says Nathalie Geerlings, commercial director proudly.

At the signing of the sponsorship deal, Jan Hoes, Manager of Sponsorship at Rugby Club The Bassets hands over the well-known oval rugby ball. "Thanks Jan!" Reacts Nathalie cheerfully. "But in our business we stand by the fact: 'The ball is round!' An expression to indicate, that a match is not always won by the strongest.

Talent to...support Rugby club is The Bassets in Sassenheim was founded in 1978. In the following 39 years the club has grown into one of the largest rugby clubs in the Netherlands. The Bassets also has a large and very active youth section.

Talent to...grow The Animal Farm is the Care and Petting Zoo in Noordwijkerhout and the place where children and families can enjoy a day out. It is easily accessible. At the Animal Farm you can find all kinds of different animals and enjoy the delicacies in The Coffee House. In addition, De Dierenhoeve also offers a safe work facility for people with a distance to the labor market.

Talent to.... Make it happen "I am proud of what we have achieved together in these 18 years." adds Nathalie. "Proud of the years of trust our clients have given us. Proud of our identity. We have grown. Where in 2002 we had maybe 50 to 70 people at work, in now 2020 in the peak days 2020 there are about 200 companies. But we still work with the same philosophy we had 18 years ago. With which we ensure every day that the right person ends up in the right place. Because only when things are right for you can you feel at home somewhere. Only when you feel at home somewhere can you get the best out of yourself."

The (staffing) market and the world around us is changing rapidly, with new rules and legislation being added every year. How the temporary employment industry responds to this is increasingly a point of discussion. "Our job is to stay ahead when it comes to transparency in working methods and processes. But much more importantly, we are working with people and preparing them for the future generation and that is really the most enjoyable thing there is!"