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Flexible Human Services is 15 years old

The company everyone knows from the blue-green-yellow bikes and vans. Flexible Human Services has stood for home in international employment mediation for 15 years. And that says so much more than just temping. A company with a social soul, personified in founder and director Nico Geerlings. Today the anniversary will be celebrated with clients and relations. Today the one-off anniversary edition Nico will also be presented. A magazine by and about FHS.

"I am proud of what we have achieved together in those 15 years. Proud of the years of trust our customers have given us. Proud of our identity. We have grown. Where in 2002 we had maybe 50 to 70 people at work, in 2017 in the peak days there are 1,800. But we still work with the same philosophy we had 15 years ago. With which we ensure every day that the right person ends up in the right place.

Because only when things are right for you can you feel at home somewhere. Only when you feel at home somewhere can you get the best out of yourself. So that means getting it right for the migrant worker. From the beginning I saw the vulnerability of the people, who came to the Netherlands without anything to work hard and earn as much money as possible within a short time. Because unfortunately, this situation and people were regularly abused. As a matter of course, from the beginning we provided good conditions in terms of housing, guidance, training, insurance and transportation for our own people. But in my role and from my position, I also found it important to sit at the table with governments, municipalities and expert and ambassador teams to stand up for the migrant worker in general."

Partly due to Nico's efforts, there are now necessary and workable rules and agreements regarding the deployment of migrant workers. But the market and the world around us changes and so every year new rules and legislation are added. On the one hand, the importance of employing labor migrants to keep the economy running is stressed. But how that is done is increasingly a point of contention. "It is our job to stay ahead when it comes to transparency in working methods and processes.

But more importantly, it's still getting a little more fun every year. And working with people is really the most fun there is!"

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